Sunday, February 13, 2011

Corruption, Inc.

Dear insansapinas,
Update: 2-15-11
MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Francis Escudero believes the "syndicate" behind corruption in the military is entirely within the office of the comptroller, which has access to the funds of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

He said it could just be the comptrollers who are luring military leaders to pocket funds as part of their benefits.

Naah, this is not a business enterprise. It is an organization wtihin the  government agencies which create, control,  and manage corruption practices. Lahat ng government agencies, may association, confederacion, cooperative at exclusive club ng mga corrupt na officials.

What do I mean by create? Can corruption be created? But of course. It is like a mouse that can escape any new invented mouse trap that humans can think of. 

Like in the BIR, how can corruption be created when an income taxpayer is religiously paying its taxes?
Well audit the books then threaten the business owner that you're going to eat his books if there are no anomalies. 

When I first heard this when I was just a trainee in an accounting firm, my first thought was, I can never become an examiner. I do not eat books without ketchup or soy sauce. Mwehehe.

MY supervisor intimated to me that this was one way of saying I need money, let me talk to the owner.

So why don't they terminate these examiners? Frankly, my dear, she is just a pawn in the chess game. The King and Queen set the quota. When you are not a good earner per their standards, you will be exiled to the province where the taxpayers are baboons and some natives. 

It is just like a policeman who can not meet his quota for the day in the city and is sent to the cemetery as foot patrol. Maghanap siya ng multo at kasuhan niya ng vagrancy. Mohohoho.

According to an old friend of mine whose position in the BIR was due to the policy set by whoever would gain from the practice that relatives (her father was a retired employee) are given the priority for employment, there was a time when the agency hired new CPAs to inject new blood and who they think were still idealistic and so can not easily be corrupted.

 After a few months, these new recruits resigned. They were met with animosity by the old guards. They could not stomach the corruption. They can not fight. It is like fighting a fraternity. Before, due to lack of CPAs, as long as you are a College graduate regardless of degree, you were hired by the agency especially if you had a padrino. I met an old guy who was doing an "Audit" in a university to get an Accountancy degree before the new policy was enforced. He had a degree in dentistry. He was not attending his classes. He was also corrupting the instructors. How did I know? One enrolled in my class. I dropped home from the roll. A high ranking official of the university summoned me. I did not care if they are not going to give me teaching loads. He transferred the student to another professor. Araw-araw may regalo siya. They continued to assign me subjects. I declined.

How do they manage corruption ?
Since it is an informal organized crime, the management is decentralized. Kung baga sa octopus, maraming galamay. May sarili silang mga territories. Walang crossing the border kung baga. Kung ang mga businessmen ay protected ng isang Godfather, humanap ka na lang na maaaudit, kagaya ng mga movie personalities. So what kung maliit na isda, pwede kang bigyan ng movie pass for the whole year round kahit isang pelikula lang ang gagawin sa isang taon. mwehehe

How do they control corruption?
Isa sa quota. Ikalawa sa mga pangalang ibinbinyag nila sa mga natatanggap nila. Mayroong laughing money kasi sila ay napapahalakhak sa laki. Merong gratuity, parang mga waiters, for good service. Maliliit pero nakakapuno ng drawer isang araw. Sa military ang tawag nila pabaon at pasalubong.

They're creative you know.

So can you eradicate corruption as promised by the new administration? Are you talking to me? 



Anonymous said...

Mam Cathy,

Political at business orruption has been a fact of life for thousands of years, tulad di ba Mam sa democratic form of government noon in ancient Greece and Rome may ganyang issue na din?

I think sa halos lahat in any form ng ginagawa ng tao ay may corruption maski sa donation, promotion or kahit sa pagbibigay ng free ticket ay puedeng bribery diba Mam Cathy?


cathy said...

kung napanood mo yong Gladiator, mga corrupt ang mga senators doon. that was based on a trues story noong isang Roman emperor.

kung napanood mo ang Cleopatra, nandoon sin ang mga crorruption at betrayal.

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk.
para din yang prostitution... the oldest profession.
tama ka mam,panahon pa ng mga naunang kapanahunan ganyan na talaga.

cathy said...

kahit ano yatang form of government, may corruption.

may corruption din kaya sa kaharian ng mga unggoy. Yon bang magsusuhulan din ng saging. ngwarrr.