Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Oncologist, The Small Girl and the Hearing Impairment

Dear insansapinas,

I had my oncologist's (cancer doctor)  appointment this morning. Iba si Papa Italiani spaghetti. Surgeon siya. Ito ay pwedeng Russian o Polish dahil parang kasound ng aking palayaw noon, kulitsky. Unlike last Saturday when my brother and I went out to eat in buffet,  today the ground was carpeted with snow. Hindi pa pala siya tapos.  Kaya pala malamig kagabi. I was not able to schedule a ride so I caught a bus (talagang biyaheng ospital lang yon) sa tapat namin. I was all bundled up. Ginaw. I used the pasma shawl (tama ang spelling ko dahil sa Pilipinas, Kay Ganda Ko, kahit mainit noong nauso yon nakapashma ang mga fashionista, pasma tuloy ang abot nila) given to me by my friend in Manila.

There were students across the street waiting for their bus. A black boy and a Mexican girl were smooching while their companions acted as if they do not see them. The pair must be 14 years old. So much about the opinion that sex education would prevent these tweeners from early intimacies.

My bus was coming when suddenly a man appeared behind me  asking for the time. He was pointing at his wrist. It was my habit to ignore people (particularly men) who use inquiry about the time to break the ice. I do not talk to strangers. So I told him, I am deaf. I could not hear him. He left. Buking pala ako kahit hindi ko narinig, itinuturo niya ang kaniyang wrist indicating watch. Toinkk.

So I reached the doctor's office. In the waiting room, there were five people. One was a lady who did not bother to wear a wig. Another patient was a young girl. She must be four only.

I learned that not all states have cancer treatment  facilities. In fact, even I have to go to the corporate office of the hospital where they have the cancer center. Our branch near my place specialized on stroke, hip and knee replacements. 

The family of the sick child has to look for living accommodations while the child is undergoing treatment, I did not know that Mc Donald's charity arm has also this kind of services for the sick children so that the family can save on hotel expenses.

When I talked to my specialist, I can not forget the face of the young girl. I still feel blessed that I am in the place where these services for the kind of  disease that is slowly making me a candidate to play the harp in heaven (asa ka pa) hehehe are available. Sabi siguro ni Lord, ayan, fair lang, binigyan kita ng chance. Parang noong nagsisimula pa lang akong kumita ng extrang pera at nagsisave para makabili ng bahay. Tuwing makakasave ako, may nagkakasakit ang nagagastos ko ang pera. Inaway ko nga si Bossing. Sabi ko unfair KA. Sabi niya sa akin.Don't you appreciate that you have money in case of emergency. Makakabili ka rin ng bahay.

Going home, I saw two guys in the bus stop. The men tried to talk to me again. (There are men who asked for wine money or scam you for a small sum of money). Madalian lang. Again, I feigned that I can not hear them. They talked and decided to split. They were not really there to wait for the bus. They were waiting for victims. Eh ako mukhang inosente. (hahaha). 

The same bus picked me up. On our way, a beautiful girl boarded.  Her Metro card (bus pass) sounded. Ibig sabihin wala ng karga ang card. Inilibre ng driver.

Another lady boarded the bus. The card also sounded. The driver pulled over to wait for the lady to pay in cash. Ehhhm.



Anonymous said...

ehehe pag maganda ilibre na pag syongetz ...anung libre?bayad ka uy,anu ka siniswerti ihihih

cathy said...

yan nga ang observation ko. nang bumaba yong magandang babae, ibinigay niys yong card pero touch niya yong kamay. Bad ko. pati yon napapansin ko. hahaha