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Selective Memory, Ligot Kayo, Kaha De yero ng Bayan

Dear insansapinas,
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Ngayon naniniwala ako na ang maraming pera ang naging dahilan ng maagang dementia. Yong mga nakakalimutang ang dapat kalimutan.

Estrada told Ligot that he had gotten word that Erlinda was used as a “dummy” for the retired general, who allegedly owned the Buena Park property. He said he was also told that the wife was fronting for Teresita Reyes as the real owner of the Anaheim house.

Hello, Alzheimer's

“I would like to invoke my right against self-incrimination,” Ligot replied, saying the houses and travels were the subject of a pending case against him in the Sandiganbayan anti-graft court.
Ligot said he learned about the houses only after they were included in the charges in the anti-graft court. He recalled asking his wife in Filipino: “What happened?”
When shown pictures of the houses, the former military comptroller said it was the first time he saw them.

Hindi namimiss: Ligot ka

In the 13 times that Erlinda and Teresita traveled together in five years, a seeming destination of choice was Los Angeles.
Bureau of Immigration records made available during the hearing showed that the two wives visited LA seven times, San Francisco and Singapore twice each, and Hong Kong on six occasions.
“What is there in Los Angeles, if I may ask?” Estrada asked, to which Ligot again invoked his right against self-incrimination.
The first travel was to San Francisco on Philippine Airlines flight PR104 on Sept. 4, 1999. The wives returned three months later on Dec. 4 from Kuwait.
“When your wife was away for a month, you didn’t look for her? Didn’t you care that she was missing, that you just found out that she would not be beside you when you got home?” Estrada asked Ligot.

Kaha de Yero ng Bayaan. Ginawang kaha de yero ng bayan ang budget ng military, tapos sasabihing kulang ang budget. Tseh.

Rabusa said the amount of shopping money he gave to Reyes’ wife depended on the trip and the size of the entourage. He said a foreign trip could include a party of more than five people, usually composed of wives of other military officials and civilian friends.

Rabusa said Teresita once asked to meet him in Los Angeles in one of those trips and requested an “additional allowance.” He said he gave her “not less than $5,000.”
Ligot said he never had to give pocket money to his wife in her travels because he supposedly gave her his entire salary throughout his military career. “She’s thebank in our relationship,” he said.
Ligot said his wife’s frequent travels could have been financed by their relatives in the United States.
Estrada told him: “If she traveled 42 times and she used your salary, it would not have sufficed even for plane tickets.”

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