Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Darth Vader -May the Force be with You

Dear insansapinas,
Sometimes when I become depressed because of bad news like corruption in the government, fraud in private entities, tyrant rulers clinging to their powers despite the public's cry for change, I feel like saving the world by ...sleeping.

But this little Darth Vader did not stop despite the failed attempts to make the washer and dryers work, to make the doll obey his command. Kung baga sa lenguahe ko, dudutdotin kita ng aking magic wand and turn you into frog....ribitt ribbbit.

So far, it was viewed by 20 million people in the youtube and several millions more during the Superbowl.

But who is this young boy whose face was covered during the commercial?

He is one tot who has a pacemaker in his heart. He has a heart disease which needs maintenance all his life. Awww, he's cute.


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