Saturday, December 31, 2011


Dear insansapinas,

Instead of writing the horoscope for the next year, I decided to write about a person who can also tell or explain what is going to happen. My aunt. The midwife sister of my mother. She was the only person I knew who had supersttion for eveything. And every time she visited us, she would surprise us with new ones as if she had an endless supply of them.

When she heard my cousin sang infront of the stove, she nagged her to stop or else ahe would marry a husband who would be several years her senior. My cousin would obey`her but then she dreamed of being a diva that with the ladle, she would belt out a song when my aunt was outside watching the passersby. She lived in the boondocks and it fascinated her to see people in different fashion. 

Yes, my cousin married a husband ten years her senior. My aunt said, told ya so.

When I was in the elementary, she came for a visit again. My mother and she were busy catching up with the goings- on the province so that my mom did not notice that I bid her goodbye before I went to school.

That afternoon, a bottle with a dry ice exploded left me bloodied that my classmates and I were brought to the emergency. When I came home, she blamed me for not informing  them that I was going while they were having their breakfast. Bad premonition daw.  And I thought the superstition was to   move the plates in circle because the people left at the table can not get married. She said that was entirely a different superstition,

My friends visited me to see how I was coping and she said that she was expecting visitors.and so was I. She saw our cat cleaned her face. From then on, I set  rule to my cat, do not clean your face. The cat looked at me askance at what I said as if saying HUH?

Another assistant of her in bringing news was the gecko or the house lizard. A mail was coming if the small reptile said tsssk tssk tsssk near the window or  a visitor comes a visiting if the noise came from the door.

Fitting the bridal gown was already a common superstition that I did give to her the credit but the running of the bride to the door of the church ahead of the groom signified according to her that the wife would dominate the husband. She asked her husband for confirmation and he said Yes dear.

Long before the medical scientists were saving the baby's umbilical cord, she was already doing it. She dried it, wrapped it in a piece of newspaper which she believed had the chemical for longer storage. 
It was the place where it should be kept which concerned her. Under the stairway, the person would be shy; near the window, the person would have an aggressive personality and near the ceiling, the person would be a good singer. Do, do, do, re , re.  ahem. 

She had also superstition for babies.She advised us that the first time, the baby take  a prone position (unang pagdapa), a book should be placed at her back. The first time it happened, the nannies were so excited that they forgot the book, Instead, they used a can opener. A can opener. (kamot ulo).


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