Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Brown Christmas

Dear insansapinas,

I read that the celebrity mother and her children are  going to the US to have a White Christmas. Ano? Pupunta ba sila sa Texas kasi hanggang ngayon, mataas ang araw at ni isang snowflake wala akong makita. Naubos siguro noong isang taon. May blizzard lang dito sa Colorado at sa Texas na wala namang mapupuntahang lugar masyado para sa mga bata.

I bought my  real`Christmas tree  when I was on the third year in USA. The tree was seven feet high and smelled fresh. Every night when I came home, I hang decors and lights. It was almost New Year when I finished decorating it.

By that time, I had to dispose the tree. It might cause fire because it was already dry. I didn't know I had to water it. Besides, Christmas was over.  The thrash company scheduled for pick up of Christmas trees for disposal  on a particular date and I MISSED IT. Unlike in the Philippines when you can just leave your trash in the gutter, in the US, you can not. I was sweating after I cut it into pieces so I can put it inside the garbage can.

From then on, AYOKO na ng real Christmas tree. Plastic na lang. Hohoy

 Merry Christmas to you.

 Mg-aasikaso ako ng nochebuena. Mahirap din namang magbukas ng KFC. mwehehe



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merry christmas din. pamasko ko. whoa