Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Fruit Cake and the Hiwalayan Blues

Dear insansapinas,

So the rumor is true that there is a fruit cake that had been travelling around the world. The cake which was made by Kroger Company in 1941  will be auctioned off in Cincinatti.  With the hope that it will meet the demise of its shelf life if it is "retired" by the buyer. TAMA NA, Pahingahin ninyo na.

If you receive a fruit cake during Christmas  (I received several before) that means:
1. you are not in the original list and to save the giver the embarrassment when he/she receives the gift from you he/she will regift you with a fruit cake;
2. the giver did not have the time to shop but there were several fruit cakes which where left overs the past holiday seasons;
3. the giver does not know your preference. (playing safe).
4. the giver wants to get rid of her  many fruit cakes,
Kumbaga, gusto na niyang hiwalayan.

Talking about hiwalayan blues, the top in list are:

1. The girl-who-thinks-enough-is enough-sheds-copious-but-her-supposed-to-be-tell-all-confession- was -edited -and never-was aired in public.

2. the boy-who-can-not-accept-that-it-is-the-end-of-his-relationship- with-his beautiful-actress-girl-friend-did-not only tell all but also took a video.

3. the girl who-is convinced-that-they-have-a thing-going-decided to declare that she is separated from the boy after the news that the latter has been dating another celebrity.



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!


cathy said...

merry christmas, biyay.