Friday, December 02, 2011

Thoughts for the Week

Dear insansapinas,

For a week, my body is undecided if it is going to welcome the flu or not. Takot yong flu but I still suffered from runny nose and a little temperature. It is because of the weather. But politics and show biz news kept me entertained even without having to watch a movie or a local show.

Sleep. baby, sleep
Last night, I watched one of my favorite TV series. The anti-hero character punishes the evil for the sake of the good. Being a contract killer, he himself is also evil, . In the rerun episode, he kidnapped the villain because he did all things possible to keep him locked in jail but failed. He got money, power and friends in high places so he easily can bail himself out.

This time, he did not bring him to the police since the anti-hero is also wanted by the police. He just left him with a message that he will put home to sleep if he attempts to abuse another woman. He would be watching.

The warning gave him the  chill. He felt it is safer to be tried in the court of law than punish by a vigilante. He will be always on the look out for the man. That is MENTAL TORTURE. Even if it is just a threat. Even if it is not going to happen.

Two birds with one stone

While the princess was crying her heart out when she announced the split with the prince, the former company of the host who interviewed her was promoting the new album of the princess' half-sister. She kept mentioning about her half-sister and her supposed to be "fans" who will like her album. The company is her handler. Talking about rider and capitalizing on the misery of a relative.

The Repaired Video
I really am pissed when some people in the showbiz underestimate the intelligence of the viewing public. After the announcement that the host sold his laptop which contained the deleted video of his conversation with the unborn, suddenly, the video materialized. If you are moving, do you have to sell your lap top? As if it is a big furniture that you can not bring anywhere.

I almost "broke" my heart for his grief for the loss of the child. Never mind if that was not the first. He has a son with a former starlet who allegedly does not receive child support. If he is going to the US, he should pray that the mother of the child would not bring him a case or else, he got to to make back payments. Then there was another girl who just faded away.

And he knew the right timing of the release of the video. If he had released it sooner, the KC confession could have relegated it to the back page.

Tama na, sobra na
Napangiti ako kahit nag-iisa when I read that Janelle Manahan, the girl friend of the murdered son of Senator Remon Revilla applied for the witness protection program. "nak naman ng pating" . Buti hindi pa pinublish kung saan siya mag-iistay, kung anong pangalan ang gagamitin niya etc. etc. etc.

Pakidagukan nga ako.

Damage Control Time
Pinadala sa feeding program si Piolo Pascual ng Star Magic para mabura ang negative publicity na naganap sa interview ni KC.

Very easy. All he has to do is do some photo-op. Impression-- he can be charitable but not in love. Ahay.



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kumusta ka na..

cathy said...

ok na rin, hindi pa naliligo. aw. baka bumalik ang sipon at lagnat.

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