Thursday, December 15, 2011


Dear insansapinas,
This cartoon was forwarded to me by bayi, a Malaysian.

Amen to Miriam Santiago:
Miriam slams govt dole; Soliman fails to get nod

SENATOR Miriam Defensor-Santiago asked Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman to resign after the Appointments Commission on Wednesday bypassed her confirmation.
Santiago questioned the government’s P59-billion dole to the poor this year, the controversial P35-billion Poverty Eradication and Alleviation Certificates or PEACe bonds, and her connection with the group Black and White movement.

Santiago said if Congress’ pork barrel—known as the Priority Development Assistance Fund—-had regularly been criticized despite fully structured procedures for auditing, “how much more a single unelected Cabinet member holding in her hands the power to disburse [P59 billion] beyond the wildest dreams of people who are oriented with the pork barrel?”

Santiago said Soliman’s liability in the PEACe bond controversy was very clear as her husband, Hector Soliman, benefitted as corporate secretary of another organization that received a P1.3-billion endowment from the deal.

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