Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Filipino Superstitions During New Year

Dear insansapinas,

When I was working in a charitable organization, our department was staffed with people of diverse ethnicities. It was during this period when the gods of the organization were off to the Olympus that we could afford to extend our coffee or tea breaks and compared notes about different beliefs and practices to ring in the new and kick the ass of the old.
The similarity is in the goal of ensuring that the  new year would bring more prosperity and blessings.

Some of these superstitions are:
1. Wear polka-dots.  -This must be a dated practice when coins were still made from precious metals that round means prosperity. Yong kaibigan ko was uber na uber as in ang pillow slips niya may polka dots. Yong kurtina. Pati yong damit ng aso. Awooo.

 2. Prepare 12 round fruits. Pag wala ng round, balatan ang pinaapple at hiwain ng pabilog. hee. 

3. Don't eat chicken or fish. Sa chicken, isang kahig, isang tuka. Sa isda naman, associated sa taghirap dahil walang taba. Kailangan, hamon o lechon. Pag inatake ka, bahala ka sa buhay mo.

4. Eat noodles or spaghetti for long life. Baka umabot ka ng one hundred.

5. Eat a round grape in your mouth at the stroke of midnight.  I do not care whether it is purple or green as long as it is round.

6.  Turn on all lights so that the coming year is bright. =Be sure you got a good circuit breaker.

7. Pay your debts before the year ends. If you have no money, borrow from another person. Whhops. 

8. Scatter coins in your house. I did that before, the mother of my housemate used them for laundry.

9. . Debts must be paid off. Fill you wallet with fresh peso bills. (Filipinos believe that whatever your financial state is in at the stroke of midnight, so it will be in the new year.)
10.  Don't spend money on New Year. If you want to buy something, borrow. wuuups again.

11. Jump 12 times during midnight if you are still young. If you are old and no longer capable of growing old. just buy a lift for your shoes. Magtatalon ka man hindi ka na tatangkad. TSE.

12. Eat a native delicacy made from sticky rice to make good fortune stick in the new year. Bili ka ng Pangasinan tupig. 

13. Don't wash or clean anything! You might clean  away the good fortune that came in on New Year's Eve. Tawagin na lang ang aso. yuck.

14.  Fill up your canisters with rice, sugar, flour, salt, etc. on New Year's Eve. Huwag pagsamasamahin. 

15.  Open all doors, windows, cabinets and drawers to let good fortune in. Except the robbers, the vermins and the mosquitoes,
16. Huwag sisimangot. Papangit kayo the whole year. 


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