Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye Catherine

Dear insansapinas,

Steve Jobs

The book about Steve Jobs was my Christmas present from my brother. Hindi ko pa nasisimulang basahin.

Catherine Willows
Who is Catherine, you may ask. She is Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) one of the original CSIs, Vegas together with Gil Grissom ( William Petersen). She will be leaving the popular TV drama this January. Pinalalabas na she was disappointed of being bypassed again. After Dr. Ray Langston ( Lawrence Fishburne) left, a new boss was assigned in their department in the person of D. B. Russel (Ted Danson) who was transferred from Washington. I prefer right now another forensic-oriented drama, the Body of Proof. The characters are funny. The scene of the crime is not so gross to lose your appetite while watching. 

 Speaking of CSI, my brother who ends the year by visiting the different states ( dinadalaw ang kaniyang mga rancho at mga farm, yong mga mountain ranges at mga dagat baga ) hehehe went to Maine and Vegas this December. Acshually, the state due for visit  this year was Maine. Punta lang siya sa Vegas for a conference  para makipagpingkian ng talino sa mga kapareho niyang geek.

Pag-uwi niya, mayroon akong t-shirts-isa para sa Maine at isa para sa Vegas. May collection na nga ako. Itong sa Vegas, Nevada , CSI ang t-shirt.  Ang cool. Tamang-tama pa naman, binabasa ko ang libro ni Anthony Zuiker. 

CSI Book

Anthony Zuiker

Anthony Zuiker who? Siya ang creator ng tatlong CSI. Vegas (Ted Danson); CSI NY, Gary Sinese; at ang mapormang si David Caruso ng CSI-Miami. 

He wrote about his estranged father who did not look for him even when he was already popular. The news about his  death from suicide was brought to him CSI like--that of his friend who was his inspiration for the personality of Gil Grissom. He discussed in the book how he waited for his father so that he can crow about his achievement and to know him better since he left the family when he was a kid.  He remmaged his personal things hoping that he might find something that would tell him, he still cared. Nothing, no pictures, no newspaper or magazine clippings about his famous son. Except that the last channel that he watched before his death was the channel where CSI was being shown. Sad.

 Phone Book 
Do you still receive the yellow pages? I always received two of them when I was in San Fran--one was the yellow pages and the other one was the white pages.

Because there is a 411, I seldom used the directories except when we were sending mail catalogues for our business where I found out, some of those in the white pages were already dead and it was only the relatives continuing the account.

Howewer, I had several uses for my phone book  in its original size:

1. Door blocker/stopper
2. Convenient chair when piled one on top of the other
3. pwede ring pillows. Lagyan lang ng cloth sa ibabaw
4. Phone Book Directory
5. Fillers
6. Wrappers

Last night, I saw a thick book. It was the yellow pages but it is just half of its original size. Economy shrinks even the directories/


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