Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Househusband

Dear insansapinas,

He said he's going to attend an anniversary celebration of his high school where he did not even graduate.

He never had a regular employment when he was still in the Philippines. My friend who was in love with him (todo-todo) was psyched that he would change if she is going to marry him and bring him to the US. 

So they got married. He got hired in a hospital doing the laundry of the bed sheets and linens. In between, his breaks, he romanced a nurse and or slept behind the cabinets. He was terminated.

He found employment in a subcontractor of  an airline packing dinner for the passengers. One week after, he resigned, he said that he got tired of standing up.

They moved to another state and he got an employment in a retail outlet servicing cars which needed oil change. He was not serious with his job so that there were so many customers who complained about their cars which may have drowned of too much oil. He got fired again. Besides he was of the wrong impression that his Latino co-workers would cover for him every time  he spent his unschedules siesta in between the tires.

He has been a househusband for five years since he did not bother to look for a job. The jobs that came his way was too lowly for him--as if he has an impressive resume, academic and local experience-wise. Hindi pa rin nauuntog ang asawa. She's  providing for the family. He merely stayed at home. It is still the wife who brought the children to school after her shift in the hospital. Still cooked and washed. Hindi raw kasi marunong maglaba dahil macho. Achoo. 

He wanted to attend the anniversary in that God-forsaken barrio to show to his kabarkada that he went a long way from a kanto boy to a US citizen. What they did not know was he is unemployed. Maybe he is going to bring his attache case for impression.

I told my friend that the anniversary is also for fund-raising so that her househusband has to spend not only for the plane tickets, for expenses but also for contributions. Since he has no job, it will come from her wallet.

Moral of the story, the man is not going to change for you if he is naturally lazy.



Anonymous said...

hi cathy!i always read your blog furing my boring times.(of course you can't read while you're busy).i find your blog interesting.

and about your 2C's , i can't pity you but instead i envy you how you cope with your're really smart and witty also how you post abour your sickness.

good luck!

cathy said...