Monday, December 19, 2011

Kilig Moments, Donation Scams and Donations from People

Dear insansapinas,
photocredit: abs-cbn
1. Valerie Concepcion
When you are just an ordinary mortal, meeting someone who is powerful and popular will give you
kilig moments. And that's what happened to Valerie Concepcion. She wanted to tell the world how lucky she was that the President made her feel that she was someone important --what with laughing at her jokes and listening to her songs so she tweeted. And for that, the three sisters called her insensitive. For telling the truth without malice?

2. Donations from People 
The congressmen who received or who will receive the pork was encouraged by Belmonte to donate to the victims of the Sendong tragedy. They readily agreed. That money is also from the people.

3. Donation Scams
It is calamity time. It is time for donation scams. Many netizens raised money to " help" the victims. The gullible people especially the OFW are oftentimes the victims of these scammers. How do these donations reach the Philippine Red Cross? I suggest that those who would like to donate should go to the Red Cross website.


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