Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three Doctors in a row

Dear insansapinas,

I was out the whole day today. So chilly pa naman. Brrrrrrr. My appointment started at 9:00 a.m. The doctor must be in practice for years. Sandali lang siya, including sending the prescription request to my pharmacy.

Since there is one Filipino store nearby, we stopped by and bought dinuguan (yum) and tinapa. Tanghalian na. 

The next appointments would be in a hospital after lunch so I had to see to it that my clothes can easily be pulled since I would be wearing a robe.

The reception area for that particular department was small that it can accommodate at least three people only. I guess the number of people waiting does not excede two at a given time. There is a small cascading fountain and digital picture frame which shows off different kinds of flowers. Para bang, mamaya mo na ako tawagin, matutulog muna ako. Nakakaantok. 

The first exam was the one I hated most that I skipped it since 2008. Pinaguilty pa ako. Kung pwede lang mambatok at sumigaw, gagawin ko. TSE.

The second exam was a scan. It took pictures of my different bones and muscles. Nakangiwi siguro kasi twisted pa aking paa habang kinokodakan. Haaay.

Pagdating ko sa bahay, hindi pa yata ako nakapikit, tulog na ako. mwehehe


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