Friday, December 09, 2011

The Modern Noah's Ark

Dear insansapinas,

The film 2012 was a 2009 American diaster movie   which referenced to Mayanism, Mesoamerican Long Cout and the 2012  phenomenon--the end of the world.

So the scientists prepared for the end by building arks to save humanity. At least some. Unlike Noah, the people behind the project were not ridiculed.

The original plan was to choose   400,000  people only but in  the last minute (siyempre suspense)  those who were outside the arks and were  refused to board were accommodated. So what if the arks were over to its capacity. So what if the resources were not enough.

But wait, because I was watching the movie while talking to a friend over the phone, I did not notice if there were Filipinos on  board.

They must have been refused. They may have brought with them balikbayan box. Hindi lang isa, baka dalawa. 

At the end of the movie when the water receded, the people noted that they were in the South Africa the only continents that remained above sea level. 

But wait, beside the African continent, there were small islands that were spared. The island looked familiar with the main island, the groups of islands in the middle and another big island below. It is the islands of the Philippines ( I am not joking).

Must have floated due to the boxes.This time I am joking.


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