Monday, December 26, 2011

Band Aid Solution

Dear insansapinas,
When you are a victim of a disaster, no matter what entertainment is held for your sake is nothing especially if you've lost relatives or properties.

I worked for a charitable organization for years  and to us charity is concerned about providing poor, clothing, shelter and education to the youth. So whoever thought of performing a concert for the CDO victims, phulease, forget about the pluses in your image of being charitable. It is not even a band-aid solution to gargantuan problems of the victims. How are they going to start anew?. Many would even feel guilty of amusing themselves with diversions while they have not located some of their lost relatives. Some would worry where will they get the next food rations especially when the volunteers started going back to their jobs.

I wonder what these people were thinking when they announced that they will perform for the victims.


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