Sunday, December 18, 2011

To Tweet or not to tweet

Dear insansapinas,
Because of the tweet of some movie starlet, the whereabout of the President during the time when the people in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro were suffering from the calamity that befell  their provinces was made public. Some said that it was not a Sunday. There was a suggestion to verify?

Here is the story and here is the tweet,

After I read the story of the flashflood and saw the bloated pictures of the victims, I could not blog. I felt depressed. Children who were anticipating for Christmas were suddenly gone. Parents, looking for their children hoping that they are alive cuddled the lifeless bodies of their loved ones. The horror of waking up in total darkness and surrounded by water were enough to give one a traumatic experience.

The spokesperson did not want to talk about accountability yet. But I believe that justice happens in mysterious ways that men and courts don't quite understand.

I just read a novel whereby a bemedalled soldier became morose and a recluse  because he blamed himself for the destruction of the whole village. He was trained to kill but the faces of the children and old people alike who died   continued to haunt him. This story has been replicated by people who are hardened criminals.In their solitude, faces of their victims won't give them peace.


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