Monday, December 12, 2011

Got Names ?

Dear insansapinas,
I am not aware that there are names for things, events and conditions that are hardly used at all.
source: buzzfeed

When I was young and feeling "holy" (that was the time I was thinking of entering a convent. hahaha and my eldest brother had the unbelieving look and said...magugulo ang mga madre), I used to go to church early in the morning. By the time the mass was over and I was walking home, I saw this CREPISCULAR RAYS. What's that again?

That is the name of the rays of sunlight coming from a certain point in the sky. Di ba awesome?

2. When I was still among those waking up early morning to go to work, there were times or almost every day especially during winter, I found it difficult to get up . Gusto ko pang matulog. Gusto kong magbalot sa comforter. Di sana naghihilik pa ako. Di sana, ang sarap pa ng tulog ko. The name of this state of finding it hard to get out of bed is DYSANIA.

3. My mother used to tell me that in order to know an elemental that assumed a human image, look at the part of the face between the noise and the mouth. If there is no groove, it means that it is not human. Ngiii.
Paano kung sinisipon? The name of the groove is...PHILTRUM.

4. When you sit too long or whatever you're doing without moving for a long time, there are times when it seems there are needles and pins that pricked your skin. A part of that body feels asleep.  This is known as OBDORMITION. The needles and pins are called PARESTHESIA. 

5. We have paved walkways but they have lots of bends and corners that another path was formed by the pedestrians who wanted a shorter route by constantly walking on the grass.

The name of this path is TUWID NA DAAN (naisingit din) ermmm DESIRE PATH. 
6. Lastly, do you have the feeling that you are not through yet and you would like to come back to do it again? 
Don't be shy, we all have been in that state of feeling of incomplete defecation known as RECTAL TENESMUS.



Anonymous said...

philtrum! i've been looking for this word all my life ;) paresthesia, too! pero ano po yung tawag when you fold your leg too long and then when you straighten it up, you have this feeling na pag ginalaw sya or hinawakan, napapasigaw ka sa hindi mo maexplain na feeling. basta ayaw mo lang na hinahawakan sya kasi yung effect is nagreresonate sa buong katawan mo.

hehe, ate cath, ginawa pa kitang dictionary. ok lang if di mo masagot.

i still read your posts regularly, btw.


cathy said...

that is the numbness or the temporary slowing down of blood circulation in the limbs. the podiatrist has a general term for this ---peripheral vascular disease.

okay lang dictionary, howag lang wiki, ang kapal noon. hehehe