Thursday, December 08, 2011

Santol, Bukol, Langka, Dapa

Dear insansapinas,

When my nurse friend told me about their patient who was schizo, she teased me that I could be one. hehehe.
She could not go near the patient on certain times because the latter suspected that she is going to be murdered by my friend with her vital signs monitor. Ako naman ay may delusion lang na nagcoconspire ang mga langgam pag nakita ko silang naglalabasan sa kanilang mga lungga. And of course I can hear whispers of ghosts. But that is already accepted in several universities as a body of knowledge. Parang normal lang. 

I have watched that popular movie for nth time not because I wanted to but because, it is being shown in the movie channel every Christmas. It is only this time that I took note of the dialogue---first she could not reach the son because the phone was out of order. Before the movie ended, using the supposed to be out- of- repair phone the son tipped off the police that a robbery was going on in their neighborhood. Narepair bigla?  Her mother who traded her earrings for plane ticket so she could go home was wearing another set of earrings after the several plane rides and long drive that she made to reach the son. She had the time to get another set?  Mali ang script or did I miss something but it is just me a schizo.

When I was a kid, we used to visit a relative's farm that was given to them by the government. It was a little paradise with many fruit trees such as santol, langka,guava, atis,  bananas and vegetables such as gabe, sweet potato leaves, bok choy and many more, more than enough for their needs.
When we visited, they would prepare us grated santol pulp (minus the seeds) cooked in coconut milk or raw langka fruits cooked also in coconut milk and guavas, still cooked in coconut milk. Sa Bicol kasi yan eh.
When I was in high school, I met the daughter of the relatives  in the city. She was already a teacher. She left the province because she believed she got no future there. 

With all these farm produce, they could have made money if there were roads to bring them to the city. Napurga lang sila sa mga tanim nila dahil wala namang bibili. Ang mga neighbors, nakikihingi lang naman.

Before my mother's friend migrated to the US, she was called biyahera. She went to the provinces to buy farm products and brought them to the city. Most of them were fruits and vegetables. There was a province which bridge collapsed during the height of a typhoon. Because the governor of that government was not an administration's favorite the bridge was never repaired until next adminstration; instead a hanging rope bridge was the only means of transport from the farm. She had to paid double to  the baggage boys to bring the products across the bridge. Kesehodang mukha silang Spider Man.

These costs were added to the price of the products. Pagnahulog ang isang sako sa tubig, dagdag sa presyo. Kaya kung ang presyo ng manggang kinakain ninyo ay tumaas noon, baka may nahulog na maraming sako. 

What's the purpose of these stories to my topic?  Nothing but to illustrate the importance of the roads, bridges and transportation to the movement of the products from one place to another. Who spends for these infrastructures? The government. Failing to do so by underspending, would affect the economy of the country. Products are not brought to the market place; prices are higher because of the trasnsportation costs.  Ganoon lang kasimple. Di na kailangan pa ang mga complicated na mga graphs at mga economic terms that only experts can understand.

Arghhh. Nalulong ko ang buto ng santol. May santol ba sa DC? Schizo nga.


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