Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Prescription

Dear insansapinas,

I feel exhausted since last Friday where I went to my  three specialists' appointments. The second doctor's clinic was closed but I could see that the window blinds were not shut. There was a vehicle  in the parking area. I got a hunch that there was someone inside. It was not really an appointment for me. I will just pick up something but I called ahead and she said yes. My brother called the phone. Someone picked it up. The doctors may be in the other clinics. It was just a  medical receptionist who  was in. It could be that she did not want to be bothered or she was facebooking when we came. aha.

My last stop was an appointment with a nursing practitioner who would show me how to use the diabetes injectables. For six months, my blood sugar was high and I am taking the full dosage for my diabetic pills. For the past few months, I've been binge eating, chocolates and other sweet snacks. Aside from I had a scare when my bs went below normal that I was shaking, I feel a little depressed, what with the deaths of some friends of mine and the celebrities who have all the millions in the world to save themselves from the scary C and yet they succumbed to the disease. Funny but it was like I was having a death wish thru chocolates. (Guffaw). Another thing was the thought of going to my doctors for regular follow ups. Sometimes, it crossed my mind what's the use when the end will be the same--death. But reading how some kababayans sought for help to pay for the expensive treatments in the hope of living longer, I like to slap my face for failure to appreciate that all I have to do is to make the appointments in my end.

Anyway, the Nursing Practitioner was too lazy to check from my file the recommended  dosage she mentioned that I should use it twice a day. I was confused since I remember my doctor instructed me to use it only once a day. I have to call the pharmacy for my doctors instruction. I knew she did not check my medications because she kept on asking me about the name of the meds, I was taking and their dosages when all she had to do was to check them from the computer. The NP also made a wrong advice to slant the needle in injecting myself which is not possible since the needle is too small to do it that way. Kainis.

When I started using the injectables, I forgot to remove the cover of the needle. Sabi ko, kapal naman ng needle na ito. Hahahaha. Kayo na ang malabo ang mata.


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