Saturday, December 03, 2011

Did it really happen?

Dear insansapinas,

Mo Twister claimed that they stayed for unspecific days in Singapore  for the abortion. Did it really happen? If it happened where was it done? Was it legal?

But wait, here are some information about abortion in Singapore specifically for the foreigners. Knowing the strict implementation of the laws in Singapore, did  it really happen? Just curious.

In Singapore, abortion is legal on socio-medical grounds. The legal time limit for abortion is 24 weeks into the pregnancy.
The Age of Legal Consent and Under 21s
In Singapore the Abortion Act law states that there is no defined age limit for the abortion procedure, nor is there a legal requirement for parental consent for minors under the age of 21.
In other words just about anyone may request the procedure for unwanted pregnancy, provided they are of sound mind and body and understand the risks and details of the procedure.
Note: In contrast, if a miscarriage happens, then parental consent is required for anyone below the age of 21.
The law applies to all patients, regardless of nationality.

Legal restrictions on foreigners

Foreigners are only eligible for pregnancy termination/abortion in Singapore if one of the following criteria are met:
  • They have been residing in Singapore for 4 months or more
  • They are married to a Singapore citizen or have PR status
  • If they have a work permit
These restrictions do not apply to foreigners who require evacuation for miscarriage, but the age of legal consent (21 and above) will apply in this scenario.

There was no miscarriage and there was no mention about parental consent.


Anyway, it is difficult to pursue the abortion case since the alleged abortion happened in a different territory. (according to biyay whose comment became my breakfast--SPAM).Salbaheng comment box yan.


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