Saturday, March 06, 2010

Raising a Virtual Child in the Internet and Killing the real Baby

Dear insansapinas,

My friend is forgetting her small garden lately. She is addicted to Farmville in Facebook. Isn't that funny.

I was warning her that she will get addicted to it that she might neglect some of her  household chores. One of the reasons why shewas sucked in her previous job was her using the internet to browse her favorite showbiz news.

But what will be worse than spending so much time to raise a virtual baby in the internet and leaving the real baby starve to death because the parents had been addicted to a game. Ikulong yan at huwag pakainin. TSEH.
SEOUL--A South Korean couple addicted to an Internet game about raising a virtual child were arrested for neglecting their real 3-month-old daughter and letting her starve to death, news reports said.

The couple spent between four and six hours every day at Internet cafes in Suwon, a city just south of Seoul, and bottle-fed their baby
only once a day, the Yonhap news agency and other South Korean media reported, citing police.

The couple found their baby dead on Sept. 24 when they returned home after playing online games at a nearby Internet cafe all night, Yonhap reported.

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