Sunday, March 28, 2010


Dear insansapinas,


It's census year here in the US of A. First we received a letter about the census indicating that forms would be sent shortly which come  with translations to different languages except Filipino. Thank you. That saved Uncle Sam some millions for the forms alone.

A week after, we received the form.  It is more simple than the census ten years ago where I also participated by sending back the form as soon as  finished it. The following week a postcard type of reminder was mailed to the respondents.

So what's the problen? The biggest problem is that there are so many co-artists who take advantage of the census.

For con artists and swindlers the 2010 Census is a golden opportunity for mischief. With forms going out to every household in the country, the pool of potential victims is huge.

Ito kung paano kayo maloloko.
1. Fraudulent e-mail
The Census Bureau will not send out any electronic correspondence dealing with the 2010 census. Any e-mail claiming to be related to the current census is bogus, most likely a phishing scam designed to steal personal financial information
Send kaagad sa spam o idelete agad.

2. Fake survey forms 
If you receive something in the mail supposedly from the Census Bureau and it asks you questions such as financial information, passwords, Social Security numbers, anything like that — it is not legitimate,”
May sarili rin silang survey forms. Nakakaloka talaga. Baka tanungin  kayo kung ano ang bangko ninyo, magkano ang pera ninyo at pakibigay na rin ang PIN. bwahaha
Impostor census takers
   Census workers will not make home visits until May 1. And then they will only go to homes where the census form has not been returned.

May kumatok na sa amin noon 10 years ago. Kumakain ako. May nakapangal na chicken sa aking bibig.

Me: Yes?
Census: We're here to...
Me: Oh I mhailled alllreeeedy the folm. 
Census: What?
Me: (thought balloon) Darating kasi pag kumakain ka eh. Ngayon hindi ako maintindihan. I mailed already the form.Intiendes?
 Census: But we have additional questions.

Me: Sorry, I am eating and I am in a hurry.
 Census: it will take only a few minutes.
Me: I already answered all questions. Good day. Blam.

Biglang balik ng drumstick sa bunganga. 


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