Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Laptops Banned Inside the Classrooms

 Dear insansapinas,

How do you feel when you are lecturing and the students are nor listening because they are checking their e-mails, twittering to their friends or watching Youtube videos or playing online games in their  laptops?

Professor David Cole simply can not take it so he banned the lap tops in the lecture room.

On a windy morning in downtown Washington, a hundred Georgetown Law students gathered in a hall for David Cole's lecture on democracy and coercion. The desks were cluttered with books, Thermoses and half-eaten muffins.
Another item was noticeable in its absence: laptop computers. They were packed away under chairs, tucked into backpacks, powered down and forgotten.
Cole has banned laptops from his classes, compelling students to take notes the way their parents did: on paper.
If I were in the shoes of Professor Cole, I would do the same. (Pero malaki siguro ang sapatos niya). It is already insulting when students take you for granted while you are lecturing. The only reason why they come is for the attendance or else they will be dropped from the roll.

My friend who is teaching Accounting laments that the students nowadays can hardly add  two digit numbers without using a calculator. They're so dependent on this gadget that they have a mental block whn you asked them two plus twelve. Me, I use my abacus. mwehehe.

There are also professors or high school teachers who do not care. Our Science teacher in high school did not mind my classmates playing chess while the rest of us were trying to perfect our experiment.

There was an Accounting professor in the university where I taught in the evening classes who continued discussing the problems facing the board while the students were busy doing their thing. Kulang na lang maghingutuhan sa loob ng klase.

In the doctorate program, we had a professor who the moment his back touched the chair, he felt into deep slumber. My naughty classmate--a Vice President of a bank would toss a coin near his chair. If he did not move, it means he was really asleep. My male classmates would leave especially when there were basketball games to watch.  The reporting group remained in the class.

I pity the old professor who would wake up before the class ended and found us ladies waiting for his dismissal.

Did my students sleep in my class? Naah. I told them whoever is found sleeping would wake up like an Indian...with white chalks on their faces. Of course, I was kidding. I had multi-colored chalks in my tote bag.


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