Monday, March 15, 2010

PETER GRAVES of Mission Impossible

Dear insansapinas,

One TV series that was not missed by the family, young and old alike (so what if we can not understand the plot of the story and so what if the actors did not talk much) was the original Mission Impossible. The sound track alone would make you run in front of the tv so as not to miss Peter Graves, the original Mr. Phelps before John Voight and Tom Cruise, getting the assignment for the IMF team (not the International Monetary Fund, silly) via self destructing tape or whatever. I can not  understand that time, why  suddenly the tape would blow up or turn into smoke.

Usually at the end of each episode the bad guys realized that they have been conned or have been outdone by the  skillful planning of the I.M.F team.
Peter Graves can no longer accept impossible mission. He will be reporting to the Chief of all Chiefs Up there.He died at the age 83. Today.

Other cast of Mission Impossible were:

1. Greg Morris -the electronics expert. He died in 1996. His son replaced him in the revived Mission Impossible.

2. Peter Lupus, the strong man. He rarely had a talking scene but he was well loved by the women. He posed in the Playgirl mag in 1974, nude.

3. Martin Landau- the disguise expert. He lives in California. He was married to Barbara Bain, also a Mission Impossible actress.They were divorced in 1995.

4 . Barbara Bain- The femme fatale of the mission. She lives in California. Her daughter with Martin Landau is also an actress. She is Juliet Landau, the Drusila in the Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

Should IM force be caught, the Secretary will disavow...

Ting ting ting ting.(sound track yan).



biyay said...

I love that series! pinakita ang reruns noong nasa college ako. I didn't like the MI movies that much kasi ang gulo ng story lalo na yung last

cathy said...

ang ating series paa diyan ay 5 to 10 years late. kaya matatanda na ang mga artista dito, diyan bata pa. gulat ako noong makita ko si peter graves na ang kulubot na. hindi kasi kagaya ngayon na may internet, kita mo ang latest photo nila.

kailangan palang makashow sila ng 100 episodes bago sila makasyndicate.

kaya noong dumating ako dito panay ang hanap ko ng mga info about MI the series. Wala silang rerun hindi kagaya noong ibang old series kagaya ng I dream of Jennie, Bewitched at iba pa.

Ayaw ko sa MI the movie, ginawa nilang kontrabida si Mr. Phelps.

gusto lang palita, sana, pinagretire na lang.