Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fence Sitter , Humpty Dumpty and Spam

Dear insansapinas,

I sent the e-mails about the mansion and the article supposed to have been written by an economist/columnist endorsing the candidacy of one presidential candidate to my spam folder. 

Ano namang akala ng nagpapadala sa akin ng spam, hindi ko nabasa ang pagdeny ni Solita  Monsod na sinulat niya yon? If the presidentiable is guilty of corruption, then bring it to the court and not in the privacy of e-mails of people who hate forwards and spams.

Are they desperate to win the election since many of the handlers are salivating for the positions that they lost in this current administation? In fact one former Cabinet secretary already accepted the same position that she once held.

Ito ang kinaiinis ko eh.

But anyway for those who would like to influence me as who to vote, sorry to disappoint you, I am not a voter and even if I were one, wala rin akong mapipli. 

Meron isang nagsulat na ang mga hindi naman daw Filipino citizen huwag nang makialam sa politics sa Pilipinas. Did I hear it right? People who do not want to be censored and scream for freedom of expression every time they are criticized for being vulgar and offensive in the comment boxes of some bloggers  are shutting up Fil-ams ? DUH.

I  admit I am a fence Humpty Dumptyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Damn and I thought I am going to eat spam the rest of the week. Scrambled egg anyone?



dencios said...

hay nako mam cathy, kesa naman ang isulat ay puro 'yaman' at imported na bags kuno diba? e pilipino ka pa din naman by heart. so lahat basta pinoy may pakialam

cathy said...

totoo yan dencios, magbibigay pa ako ng heartburn sa mga taong walang "yaman" katulad ng ibang bloggers.