Thursday, March 11, 2010

Call in Sick Excuse

Dear insansapinas,

There are so many excuses to call in sick. When Noynoy asked for an excuse because of his barosinusitis (whatever it is), someone had already whispered to the religious leader that it was a fake.
Aquino drew fire Tuesday when he begged off from a presidential forum in Davao, organized by the pastor Apollo Quiboloy, citing his barosinusitis.

The campaign manager for ousted President Joseph Estrada on Wednesday said Quiboloy’s people felt Aquino was not really indisposed.
“I think what aggravated the situation, according to the Quiboloy people, was that he was not bedridden or in the hospital or at home in Manila. He was in Iloilo,” former Senator Ernesto Maceda told reporters in Sipocot, Camarines Sur.
“His excuse turned out to be a fake excuse.”

His media handlers must have advised him to placate the preacher's anger or else he may lose millions of votes from members who admitted that they follow their leader's instruction as to the choice of the candidate.  So he's going to meet the preacher privately.

I got an office mate in the non profit org who called the HR that she was sick.

Since we have fifteen SLs for one year, the office did not mind. The HR manager however decided to go to Macy's during the lunch break and guess who she met at the escalator. The employee. It's good that she did not have an IV in her arm. hehehe.

There was also a department manager who was hired at the same time with me. During our orientation she told me to  speak and ask questions to the person doing the orientation  as if I was her subordinate.Tseh. At that time, I had a sore throat and could not speak. Besides, we were already given an employee handbook and I had to read them first before I can make clarification.

That day was just to give us a tour of the company's facilities and introduce as to the managers.

First time, I was sick, I called the Human Resources and my immediate boss. 

Then when I was about to go back to my bed when my phone rung. It was the same hostile lady and she was nagging me why I did not make a call to inform the office that I was sick. Bakeeet ? Why should I call her? She's not my boss and she's not connected with HR and payroll.


After her probationary period, she was not made a regular employee. She likes to whine a lot. Tseh niya. Ako lang kasi ang Asian doon.


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