Saturday, March 06, 2010

Familiarity and Money Problems Breed Contempt

Dear insansapinas,

I have written about that friend of mine who told to my face that I am not her best friend (despite the fact that she often called me even in the middle of the night to cry on my shoulder errrm phone).

No Virginia, we were not in that moment when we were checking loyalty to one another. I am not that insecure to ask a friend if she or he is with me or not. If a friend stays, he or she  is a true friend, if he/she leaves and sides with the other party, I do not take it against him/her. 

Her friend who is jealous of our closeness was encouraging her to buy a house as partner. You know share the down payment and the monthly mortgage amortization. 

She's afraid that I might convinced my friend to share with me. Anoh, naloloka. 

Although they were friends way back in the Philippines, they have not really lived together except when the friend slept occasionally in her apartment after their non-stop drive from Vegas.

My friend and I have not lived together too but she vacationed in my place when she is depressed. I saw her ugly and insensitive character which I just ignored because I did not plan to live with her in one roof. 

Kahit may Santo Cristo ka sa dibdib, tatalon ang Santo Cristo pag  nawala ang pasensiya mo. Ang bagal niyang gumamit ng bathroom. Hindi naman siya OC. Iniiwan niya ang kinainan niya sa table. I do not expect her to wash the dishes but I trained my tsikiting gubats (kahit tatlo ang helpers sa bahay) na linisin ang pinggan at ilagay sa lababo.

So when at last they were able to buy a house, they even celebrated because the boyfriends were there as tenants(? )

In the meantime, they speculated that I was bitter. Yes, I drink bitter gourge tea but I was not bitter. Then I started counting.

Three years after, they are still living together in the same house but are no longer in speaking terms . They argue about division of utilities; they quarrel about clutter, dirty dishes in the sink that last until someone is kind enough to wash them. And about guests who are often uninvited. They do not see eye to eye; or hear ear to ear. mwhehehe

And that is hell.


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