Saturday, March 06, 2010

Do not judge the book if you are not a judge

Dear insansapinas,

Sa totoo lang nasa page 1, chapter 1 ako ng aking book project. Walang lumalabas sa aking brwayne.

So I called up a friend which I have been planning to do after I came back from vacation. I met up with our former boss and mentor who I talked with in a conference call with him, two years ago when I thought I was about to exit from this planet.

He was my classmate in the MBA. Taga-prepare ko ng visual aids at the time when powerpoint was not even a dot yet. Mga overhead projector lang kami o carousel.
Magkatabi kaming matulog sa...klase pag boring ang professor. Siya sa isang upuan, ako sa likod niya. Mas malaki siya kaya, tago niya ako.

Noong nagenroll kami ng Doctorate sa UP Public Adm. kaklase ko rin siya. Sabay din kaming nagdrop. Kalabog. Ako busy-busyhan, siya naman papunta na sa US. Petition siya ng kaniyang ama na US Veteran o something, something.

During our MBA days, he was the most dependent among the group members. Kagagraduate lang sa college, anak ng lawyer at walang magawa. Ang tingin ko noon, ganoon din siya pagnagkaasawa.

He never talked about a girl or a relationship. So I was comfortable being with him. Alam ko walang sasabunot sa akin. Siya lang nakakatawag sa akin ng malutong na GAGAH at ako naman ang abbreviated na " TADO",

Before our graduation, he introduced his girl friend who just had passed the CPA Board Exam. He promised the girl that he would come in a year or two to marry her.
Lahat ng members ng grupo naman ay tumaas kilay at pagkaalis ng babae ay tuksuhan na. I never expected that he will make good his promise because he preferred our company than the girl friend. In fact sabi ko kung ako girl friend niya, idadump ko siya. May matching irap and batok.

Years passed, we met in the US where I took a vacation and met his tsikiting gubats.They were behaved answering in po and opo.

I lived in the West and he preferred the East Coast where most of his siblings took residence.

Three years ago, he invited me to join the international consulting company where  he was employed since he came to the US. He already headed the Accounting Department (eh hindi naman siya accountant).

That was before my doctor gave me the verdict which sent me to the doctors, laboratories and specialists for months. Hanggang MAY HIMALA na wala si Nora Aunor.

I never got the dream job where I would be travelling again particularly in the Philippines at the company's business account.

Yesterday in our phone conversation, he said that he is being sent to the Philippines to take care of the operation of their project for a year. He can not say no because his little girl who used to say gusto niya ng kaning baboy ( she liked th adobo) is going to College. No Virginia, he is paying for the College.

This is a friend who I thought would not become a responsible father because he got long hair (ala John Lennon except that he was blonde, he is a mestizo) and ala Elton John's specs.


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