Saturday, March 20, 2010

Income Tax Returns, Formula , Octomom and Sandra Bullock

Dear insansapinas,

I postponed going to the tax preparer. Yes VIRGINIA, I am a licensed tax specialist but I ask someone to prepare the IS for me. TAMAD KASI. Besides di ba ang carpenter ang may butas ang mga bubong etcetera etcetera.

I just thought I have to double my effort in finishing the book because  the reference materials  that I borrowed are going to be due next week.  I am not sure if the library is going to allow me to renew the books. Arghhh.

From 60 pages, I now have 76 pages. poor, poor me. Then I am challenged by the drawings I have to make. There are no problems with charts, flowcharts and organizational charts. They are available in the toolbar. The tables are redy for insertion and can be adjusted as to its rows and columns. The problem is the writing of the long formula like the time adjusted value of money and the short formula of EOQ. toinkkk.

And I read  that he house of Octomom is going to be foreclosed. SO?

And I hate James. Oops, not James Yap nor my ex-husband James Bond but Jesse James, the husband of my favorite Sandra Bullock.
The low profile and entrepreneurial Oscar award winning actress who first captivated me in SPEED with Keanu Reeves, then in While you were  sleeping with Bill Pullman and the two Miss Congeniality movies. Oh and I forgot Love Potion # 9.
Ang traidor na asawa niya na hindi naman guwapo. Tseh.



biyay said...

mas sarap talaga pag-usapan ang tsismis kesa trabaho, ano? :D

cathy said...

sinabi mo. kahit saan. pwera lang dito sa mga offices dito lalo kung pag-uusapan ay mga kaopisina. wag kang titiwala sa mga ka-opisinang ibang lahi, minsan maraming traidor.