Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ang Mga Pikon

Dear insansapinas,

I seldom check the comments in my Now What, Cat? There are still several unmoderated comments and one of them I chanced to open the other week. When I received personal remark which is not relevant to the article,  I simply delete it or send it to spam. Makain pag walang ulam.

But I received an anonymous comment who I think I know where the guy is coming from. 

He was short of giving me the whole resumes of his family...that his three children are all professional and have stable jobs in the US of A. That his family would often go on a cruise. SO?

You may ask me why the comment.

Every now and then, I popped up in some forums to correct wrong information posted by some commenters.

It is not even criticism. But there are some arrogant people (masarap ibitin sa puno ng aratiles) who instead of saying thank you for the correction (they are not opinions by the way; they are facts that can be verified) would argue with you no end.

So the guy sent me this comment in my own website, not in the forum where we had the discussion. He wanted me to believe that  having professional children (the wife was the one who brought them to the US where he remained unemployed) would impress me that he is really cerebral and his going  on the cruise would tell me that he got money. Rolleyes.

Theh he even told me that I may have no family to be proud of just because I do not talk about my family.  hehehehe. Kung payabangan lang naman at payabangan, gigibain ko siya but then as I have said I value my privacy. And I am not impressed.

My tsikiting gubats are also all professional.

1. The oldest one is in London to visit the queen, hehehe. She is a nurse, got a house and is helping her own siblings and her old father. Pinamana ko raw ang pagiging pusong mamon. Pinag-aaral niya ang kaniyang mga kapatid at pamangkin.

2. The second is also a nurse, got a house in Calif and is helping his invalid father back home. Pinamana ko raw ang diabetes.

3. The third is a department head of an IT company. He married when he was in first year college and managed to finish two degrees while building a family. (karma sa akin yon dahil I married also while in College). Sabi nga ni mader, wait 'till you become a parent. Pinamana ko raw ang pagkaworkaholic, palaging naghahanap ng sideline. Salbahe.

4. The youngest is taking the US CPA Review while enrolled in the MBA. Pinamana ko raw ang aking insomnia. I advised her to take one step at a time. Focus on one goal and go to the next later. 

Kaya ngayon ang bagal niyang maglakad. 

I do not take all the credit in sending them all to school by myself. If they do not have the initiative to finish a degree, I could not have done it by remote. *heh*.

So you ask me if I were impressed by the guy? Naah. Not even the cruise. Here in the States, as long as you have plastic, you can go wherever you want.

It could have been better if he said thank you and I will be impressed by his humility.



Snow said...

naku hayaan mo sila ms. cat! ang mga mayayabang eh hindi nagwawagi.

you are a blogger but you have the right to be private with your life naman. :)

Snow said...

naku hayaan mo sila ms. cat! ang mga mayayabang eh hindi nagwawagi.

you are a blogger but you have the right to be private with your life naman. :)

cathy said...

ang mga nakaabroad kasi (ang iba lang naman)feeling superior na sila sa mga ibang tao ni hindi nila kilala. :)