Monday, March 08, 2010

KRIS AQUINO AND RUFFA GUTIERREZ- The straw that broke the camel's back

Dear insansapinas, 

I could not believe myself, I am still in page 2 of my project and here I  am writing about KRIS AQUINO. Toinkkk.

It was the buzz in the Twitterland. The walkout of Ruffa Gutierrez from the The BUZZ and the exchange of statements between the two hosts of the talk show regarding the incident.

My friend who never missed the talk shows both in the Kapamilya and Kapuso said that it must be the straw (kaya ako di umiinom ng soda na may straw, mwehehe) that broke the camel's back. 

As far as she can remember, Kris has been "insulting" (according to her) Ruffa and she's surprised why Annabelle Rama did not raise a fuss on how her daughter was being treated by her co-host.

People must have felt that this is Kris, the Taklesa, the outspoken and the controversial Queen of all Media (daw). 

Have you felt the hopeless feeling of getting away from your stressful job and unhealthy environment but you can't because you are a breadwinner?

Now that Ruffa Gutierrez will be transferring to TV5, she can afford to put one over the person who's making her life miserable. However, the fact that she  wil be hosting a show that is in the same time slot with the THE BUZZ, there are some people who thought that the exit was made with a BANGGGG for controversy and hype purposes.

And as usual, Noynoy has gained media mileage as Kris did not fail to mention her presidentiable brother and so was Annabelle Rama in her interview in the Showbiz Central where she can easily appear in a few seconds' notice. EXCLUSIVO, EXPLOSIVO. Banggg.  The question of Noynoy why he was included in the ladies' wprd wars was simply clueless. But of course, since Kris is the sister and she does not fail to promote him whenever, wherever there is a chance, his name will always be dragged in the issue. It is that simple, Virginia.

Kaya Buti na lang hindi ako nag-artista. TSEH.


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