Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dirty Gimmicks, The Good Versus Evil becomes Evil Versus Evil?

Dear insansapinas,

For a person who is being marketed as someone who is not atat na atat sa position, how come he is allowing the dirty gimmicks in his campaign when his media handlers sensed that he is slowly sliding down the survey board?

Via RestyO.

First the copy of the article of Winnie Monsod that circulated in the e-mail stating the reasons why she is voting for Noynoy. 

Then the article of Winnie Monsod denying that she wrote such article.

(To whom it may concern: I am not the author of an e-mail going around titled “Why I will vote for Noynoy—Winnie Monsod.” To the real author/s: Hiding behind others is cowardly. Stand up and be counted. To everybody else: Any statement attributed to me can be very simply checked by referring to this column, or my column in BusinessWorld [Calling A Spade], or a blog under my name in GMA News.TV.)


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