Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dear insansapinas,

The plastikan at the The Buzz never happened as Ruffa Gutierrez did not come back to bid farewell to the viewers on her impending transfer to TV5. Instead, a recorded interview was sent to the program. Luhaan blues na naman. Was there really forgiveness? DUH

And to soften the impact of the "drama" of Ruffa, Kris had to share tears again. Double DUH.

Grabeh talaga gagawin nina Boy Abunda para magrate.

Ito pang Famas errm Famas award ni Kris Aquino. Notice that she did not wear any eye make-up. Baka kasi magmukha siyang zombie pag patuloy ang iyak niya at pahid ng mata.

I am so fed up with her mentioning her sisters advice. Sabi ni...Wala na ba siyang sariling disposition? She could have listened to their advice when she was having illicit relationships with married men.

As a profiler would say,the emotional outburst is not real. The eyebrows never changed, the movement and the eyelids were calculated. Pinipilit pumatak ang luha. 

And please those who fought and died (the students, the laborers and the farmers)during the Marcos regime are the real heroes. Some of the ladies were raped and imprisoned.

So please huwag niyong sabihin ang mga bayani. Nag-iinit ang ulo ko.

What love for the country is she talking about? She wanted to stay in Boston when her dad told them that he was going back to the Philippines.

And please huminto na kayong dalawa pagpapalabas na pareho kayong biktima. 

Grow up girls. you have kids of your own. Matuto naman kayong magmanage ng buhay ninyo. 

Si Juday, iniwanan din ng tatay, pero she never gave an excuse that she is looking for father image and never badmouth anyone.

Halata bang makaJuday. ahehehe 


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