Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tiaras, Toddlers and Divas

Dear insansapinas, 
Eden's mother makes her join beauty pageant to prevent her from being shy
photocredit: Tiaras and Toddlers
There is a booming business where the participants are toddlers and little girls who shasayed in the red carpet to compete for beauty pageants.

They are all dolled up wearing tiaras, gowns and make-up. This is not without the price. The family spends more than $ 50,000 for one pageant alone. And what do they get? A dream that someday, the little will grow into a beauty queen or a movie star.

Opinions about parents who involve their children in pageants like these are negative. 

"The parents are exploiting their own children for the sake of increasing the parent's self-esteem. Shame on them," one person said.
Another's view: "These parents need to stop living their lives through their children."
The mother of Eden whose daughter has been competing since she was one year old believes that she is developing the girl's personality. She admits also the fact that the little girl has already an attitide.

When my girl tsikiting gubat was in the elementary school, there was also such competition in their school. They scouted for Reyna something something not based on beauty but on the number of votes that they can garner. Each vote had an equivalent amount which went to the fund raising of the school.

Well parents wanted to show of their little girls. They were willing to pend several thousands so they can bring the title. Among the SAHM who hung out in the school to wait for their girls and to make tsismis with their barkada mothers, what is these thousands of pesos. They can pay expensive tuition fees so additional thousands won't matter.

The cousin-nanny-atty. at-law of my girl tsikiting gubat gave me the news that the principal would like her to join and the TG seemed interested.

The problem was, I do not believe in this kind of competition. I liked them to join contests which aould make use of their brains. Naah, hindi dahil ayaw kong mabutas ang aking bulsa. Yes, ayaw kong mabutas ang aking bulsa ng walang kapapararakan. I made her joined Santacruzan where the only expense I incurred wa for the fabric that I sew into a beautiful gown. (remember, I worked with a fashion designer when I was younger). 

So I called for her. It was difficult to say no but I offered her  shopping or vacation money instead of spending that in the contest. If she liked, I can donate to the school in her name too.

My boy tsikiting gubat helped me in persuading her not to join.

BTG: Saka, pag nanalo ka. Sasakay ka ng karosa. Masusunog ka sa araw. Saka pag-nagpaparada na kayo, may mga kontrabida na sasabihin, yan ba ang reyna, pangit pala. Marami sigurong biniling boto.

Simula na ng habulan, ala Tom and Jerry.

Ang nanalo ay nabalitaan kong gumastos ng kulang-kulang Php 100,000. Tuwing hinto ng karosa, nakaimangot ang reyna dahil sa init. Bago nakabuka ng bunganga ang aking boy tsikiting gubat, natingnan ko na siya ng matatalim kong sulyap. Baka kung anong masabi, kawawa naman ang bata.

Nang magdebut si Girl Tsikiting Gubat, sinorpresa ko siya sa pamamagitan ng pagsabi sa kaniya na pwede siyang mag-asikaso ng kaniyang debut party from the gown hanggang sa smallest details ng kasayahan,

Hindi ako nanghihinayang dahil, malaking pera ang nasave ko sa kaniya sa tuition fees. Scholar siya hanggang College.

Pagnag-asawa siguro siya at nanganak at may gannong situwasyon doon na pagsali sa mga beauty or popularity contests, hindi ko alam ang magiging desisyon nila pero alam ko hindi rin nila pasasalihin.


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