Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heat Wave

Dear insansapinas,

I'd been sleeping since Saturday. I did not realize, it is already Tuesday. I've been a Rip Van Winkle for a few days. The truth is I could not sit down for a long time. May nakain yata ako. mwahahaha.

But Tuesday, I have to see my oncologist for appointment. I checked the temp. It is 99. Whoa. Then I read in Philippine tabloid that an actress who just landed to the US said that the weather is just like inside her air-conditioned room. Saan kaya yon? So far there are 24 states on alert for heat wave here in the US.

The areas covered by the excessive heat advisory -- parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina -- can expect the heat index to rise above 110 degrees Tuesday, the Weather Service said.
The hottest of the hot looks to be Mississippi and parts of Tennessee, where forecasters warned the heat index could soar to 116.
Other states included in the heat advisory are Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.
Saan kaya lumanding yong actress na yon? Baka sa SF na kahit July, malamig. Only the tourists walk in the downtown areas in shorts and sleeveless tops. Later they buy those ugly oversized jogging suits before their lips turn to blue.

Right now it is 62, in the Bay Area.

My appointment was 10:45. Kainitan. I reluctantly left the house where temp is controlled. The light which we call the sun hurt my eyes. I remember the tips on how to avoid heat stroke. I do not even have bottled water. When I reached my doc's office, the receptionist offered me cold water. But cold water is not also a good idea to quench the thirst.

It took me only 15 minutes to talk to doctor. I do not want to discuss it. Okay ang aking blood pressure, ayokong tumaas. I already talked to my other GREAT PHYSICIAN with the help of my son. 

When I reached home, the temp was just right but then I felt sleepy again. Sleep enables  us  to escape the real world where a lot of politicking will not bring the country anywhere. Where vindictiveness will only yield animosity ....  I thought of the billboards. How many guys would take a look at these scantilly lad men? Are they influenced by the ads? How many women would look straight to the billboards and admire the hunks? What do you wear in eating tuna?


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