Saturday, July 16, 2011


Dear insansapinas,

What are squints? That is the term used to refer to the forensic scientists in the TV series BONES which starred Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance (Bones) Brennan, a character inspired by Kathy Reichs, a real forensic anthropologist. Why are they called squints by the FBI agent (Buffy the Vampire Slayer,   David Boreanaz) Sealey Booth? Because they squint ( look with eyes partly closed when they use the microscope to look at specimen or evidence of the crime). By the way, the reason why she is called Bones is because she finds the COD, TOD from the bones of the deceased.

It is not the medical examiner who probes the death of a person whose remains are just skeletons. It is the forensic anthropologist like in the Casey Anthony's  daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Squints also refers to an opthalmology  case of being cross eyed. I've got a student who was cross-eyed. When I saw him last, his eyes are already "fixed". Thanks for the surgery.

Why am I talking about squints?

Because I will be visiting an eye doctor for a real reading glass. Does that mean, I have been using fake reading glass? Nah Virginia. It was only lately that I used reading glasses when I was affected by the diabetes.

But the reading glasses that I used are the over-the-counter cheap stylish reading glasses which have the same prescription in both eyes. 

My eye doctor, in probing my eyes after I complained that I have been squinting when I read and write found out that there is a difference between my two eyes. The difference is so material that if my eyes were to be realigned according to the prescription, my right eye will be at the top of my forehead and the left eyes will be down my cheek. Kaya pala, ang tingin ko sa Mundo ay hindi pantay. *heh*. My distance prescription glasses are also the same but I rarely used them except when I wanted to see signs from afar. It is the reading glass which I could not do without.What with the average of ten books that I read a week.

One time, I have been dialing a phone number which yielded a response different from what I expected because I got the numbers wrong. 

One time, I added so much soy sauce because I read the instructions from the food wrapper wrong because I did not squint to focus.

Now I got a wifi headset (Yes, Virginia, lahat dito sa bahay wifi, the printer, the laptops and now the headset). Kulang na lang i-wifi and aming microwave at slow cooker. hehehe. 

My brother bought the headset for me so I can hear better the TV without distracting him in his desk. 
I can use the headset anyplace at home including the bathroom without having to wait for the commercial break. Oh the telephone? It is muted. When somebody calls, the number appears in the TV screen. 

Because I can not see very well, there are times when I hit the wrong button that the sound would startle me or I would hear noises that I thought are coming from outside the door. Talking about being paranoid.


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