Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Princesses and the Queen

Dear insansapinas,
For girls, there is that growing up stage when they dream to become a princess. Thank Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm for that.
Me, I never dreamed to become an ugly duckling who turned out to be a  beautiful swan. I prefer the Sarah Duterte type, yong nambubuntal. But I like to have powers, one who could fly, climb tall buildings without using elevators and change someone I hate into a frog with my index finger. (Parang wicked witch anoh?)

This article is actually about the dead princess and the new princesses and a queen of all media. 

I read Princess Di's unauthorized biography and I found out that even before her marriage with the prince, Camilla had chosen her to become the wife of her lover.  Kainis. During her marriage to the prince, it came to her knowledge that the two were evaluating her as a wife and a princess. Cover siya sa infidelity.  Kakaawa. Alam mong hindi ka mahal ng asawa mo na may kalaguyo pero hindi ka makapagsalita dahil bawal. Tapos namatay ka pa sa aksidente.

Kaya nang makita ko yong retrato sa Newsweek, tumaas ang blood pressure ko. Kailangan kong hawakan para di makarating sa ceiling. Patay na nga kinukumpara at relate kay Kate, asawa ni Prince William.

photocredit: newsweek 

Surreal. Can't they let her Rest in Peace and Rest in Press. 

Why do they have to mention her for articles about Princess Kate. Inilalapit ba nila si Princess K sa mga tao? She got her own personality. She does not need to be living under the shadow of a dead princess.

Princess of Monaco

There is a another new princess by the virtue of her marriage to the most eligible bachelor (kalbo rin siya), Prince Albert of Monaco. She is the South African champion swimmer, Charlotte Wittstock. 
photocredit: Reuters

Please do not compare her with Prince Albert's mother, the beautiful Grace Kelly, a beautiful actress who married Prince Rainier. She died in 1982 in a car accident.  Walang comparison. 

Queen of all media

Desperate ang queen of all media ng publicity kaya kahit na ang balitang pinutulan siya ng cell phone dahil hindi siya nakabayad on time ay pinalutang. Maniwala kayo? 

Tapos ang driver daw niya ay binigyan ng parking ticket sa lugar na hindi naman bawal magpark. Sus.


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