Sunday, July 03, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial: Casey, Caylee, Chloroform, Crime

Dear insansapinas,

I am watching the live telecast of the trial of Casey Anthony who is accused of killing her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

 Both the prosecution and the defense teams are presenting their closing arguments. 

I find the lead defense attorney using circuitous argument. Sometimes I like to interject, relevancy? Sorry for lacking sympathy to Casey Anthony who is accused of killing her 2-year old daughter.

The state established the motive of the killing which is premeditated murder while the defense team is trying to save Casey from death penalty. It insisted that the death was drowning accidentally. 

In my book, a mother who can party and act even if the toddler was missing for 31 days is for me is not a good mom as the defense would like to portray her. Tsehhhhhhhhhh ( ooops, remind me when I am drinking my tea). Regardless of age whether you are a teener, an adult or person who is about to jump from the calendar, the feeling would be the same. Mahiwalay ka nga lang ng isa o dalawang gabi, you already miss the kids not unless it is beyond your control or circumstances called for the separation. 
The defense is also filing a motion of acquittal and or mistrial. Tseh ulit. The judge rejected it.

I learned a lot from watching the live trial. Yesterday, the prosecution presented a witness from a hospital regarding enttrie done by Cindy Anthony, the mother of Casey Anthony and the grandmother of Caylee.

I was wondering what is the importance of that inquiry. The witness said that in the hospital, the nurses log in to the sytem to enter inputs about the patients. Now I remember my friend, the nurse asking me to teach her about computer years ago. She used to write vitals  in post-it notes which she misplaced all the time. Going home, her attention would be called by someone to post-its that cling to her uniforms.

The nurse and my doctor have a small computer while talking to me. One time, I almost told my doctor." Can I borrow your computer, I "like to check e-mail and mg blogs." hehehe

The purpose of the inquiry is to dispute the claim of Cindy (in her attempt to help her daughter) that she was the one who browsed the 
internet in their home about chloroform.

The prosecution proved that it could not be Cindy because she was logged in the system of the hospital between those hours when the search was made. The intervals of her entries were merely a few minutes so it was impossible for her to go home during that time.

There were so many witnesses that the defense presented and one of these was the forensic scientist whose appearance in the court was not properly communicated with the prosecution team. There is a need for both teams to inform the court and the lawyers of what testimonies are to expect. 

Very interesting. And yes, the jury is going to deliberate even during holidays.


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