Friday, July 08, 2011

Prenups and Spirits

Dear insansapinas,

In the interview with the recently engaged and soon to be married controversial couple, Hayden expressed his willingness to sign a prenup. According to him...

“Ang sabi ko lang lagi kay Vicks is, ‘Alam mo Vicks, ang sa’yo, sa’yo, ang akin, sa atin. (insert: kasi ang akin naman saiyo nanggaling. hehehe) And she was so happy!” Hayden enthused in his joint interview with his soon-to-be wife.  

Prenup photos in Libingan ng Mga Bayani:
The couple and the photo studio who were responsible for the photoops already apologized and took down the photos from the web.

Alhough the spirits of the dead buried in the cemetery or memorial parks do not stay there as if that's their final destination,  some lost souls do. These are the discarnates. Discarnate spirits are souls who linger for either good or bad reasons in a specific location, or connected with particular groups or individual human beings.

Some souls are attracted in places where it is peaceful and or are abandoned. So they can be found in cemeteries, churches, abandoned houses and buildings. I remember an aunt of a  friend who claimed she has "anting-anting". Yes, Virginia, she is a she. She must be eighty years old now. When she was tested if she deserved the "power", she was asked to walk in the cemetery in the midnight. She was instructed to walk forward and ignore any noise that she may hear along the way. She survived, although her hair stood on their ends whenever she heard something or someone was walking behind her.

For the church vigil, she had to do it twice because she got afraid of eerie atmosphere in that old church which underground is a catacomb. 

I do not know if my friend and her aunt were pulling my legs. Yan kasi gustong maging Darna eh. hehehe

The spirits who stayed in the Planet Earth  are not highly evolved spirits because if they were, they will be in the different planes. When these low  discarnates are disturbed by individuals, they may create havoc in their lives. 

Psychics or occult practitioners protect themselves from the spirit attacks by creating shields. 

Yong ibang spirit kasi nakikihitch sa mga dumadalaw doon. Lalo yong tamad maglakad. Remember their powers are not developed.  Ang tanong paano naman ang mga nakatira sa sementeryo sa Pilipinas? 

Palagay ko may mga ear plugs sila para di marinig yong mga radyong malalakas o kaya ay nakikisayaw din sila. 


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