Thursday, July 14, 2011

Children, Nannies and Blind Item na nakakakulo ng dugo

Dear insansapinas,

Yesterday afternoon we had a thunderstorm. Strong wind, rain and very dark skies. As I looked down our balcony, I saw a young couple struggled to reach their house. The mother was carrying the baby carriage with the baby protected by a plastic cover. She was also carrying a tote bag and a purse. The husband was carrying the stroller, a big grocery bag and a brown shopping bag.

This is a common sight here in the US. It is not a picnic to be bringing a kid for a stroll or for wellness check-up since there are laws to comply with for the protection of the child. It is not a brow-lifting spectacle to see a father carrying some tote bags or the baby himself while walking at the mall or other public area; a task which to  a Filipino father in the Philippines is  a non-macho thing.

In the Philippines, it is the nanny or the hired help who carries the baby, while the couple walk leisurely if there are no other children to attend to.

In every gathering or parties, children are brought along by the parents. Twelve years old or lower are required to have a baby sitter when left at home. So when you invite a friend, it is actually an invitation to a family.

This is probably why Casey Anthony felt that her life is one big prison where she  could not get out and enjoy life because she can not leave her daughter without a nanny when her mother is not home. She may not be able to afford to pay a nanny who receives a per hour rate because she does not have a job.

This is also the problem of the sister of my friend. When she came to the US, she brought with her, the nine year old daughter. My friend discouraged her to let her stay because she would not be able to work.
So she has been here in the States for two years and yet she could not find a job. She found one but it runs in conflict with her daughter's class schedule. The school requires the parents to pick up the children after school hours.

She is staying with her mother who at age 69 is already overdue for retirement but she couldn't. First, she waited for her petition to be processed. If she resigned from her job, she would not be able to support her while looking for a job. Now, the mother is suffering from ailments due to old age and she could not retire because the pension check would just be enough to pay for the rent.

This is the time when she appreciates her hired help in the Philippines. She studied Nursing while her baby was taken cared of by the nanny. She could go anywhere without having to bother herself from thinking who is going to look after the baby. Aside from the help, she got extended families who for a small amount of money would see to it that the baby is fed and cleaned.

So whenever I read about abuses of the hired helps in the Philippines, I can't think of people who for a few thousands would make their help's life miserable. I am aware that there are also abusive househelpers but the number is less than those who are physically tormented. Kung totoo itong blind item na ito at ang pangalan ng actress ay nasa dulo ng aking dila, hindi ako nagtataka. Kahit nanay niya noon ay di niya iginalang.

Laman ng isang text message na tinanggp namin kahapon lang, "May takdang panahon talaga ang lahat ng bagay
at pangyayari sa mundo. Ngayon lang nag-la-labasan ang mga kuwento tungkol kay (pangalan ng isang sikat na
babaeng personalidad), pero actually, noon pa nangyayari ang ganyan.
"Nasaan na kaya ang dati niyang maid na ini-lublob niya ang kamay sa kumu-kulong sinigang? Nasaan na rin
'yung babaeng itinulak niya kaya na-hulog sa hagdan? Naka-hanap siya ng katapat ngayon," komento pa ng
nag-padala sa amin ng mensahe sa text na ma-igsi lang pero punum-puno ng rebelasyon.

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