Friday, July 15, 2011

Mendicant Mentality and Away Mag-asawa

Dear insansapinas,

People criticized Revillame's game show for encouraging mendicant mentality among the poor. Why are these people quiet with the new game show that is promising give-aways worth millions as prizes hosted by Manny Pacquiao in GMA7?

If you can not lick them, join them? Ganoon?

Robin Padilla's away mag-asawa

Someone should tell Robin Padilla that it is not normal for a husband to maul his wife in public and it is not an ordinary away-mag-asawa. It is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. 

"Sa akin kasi, away mag-asawa yun. Lahat dumadaan sa ganung mga klaseng mga aksyunan po, at lalong sumasarap ang pagmamahalan pagkatapos ng mga ganung bagyo."
Especially this kind of violence:

Pero kuwento ni Jane, "He got angry at me and started screaming inside the bar... When I stood up to leave, he grabbed my arm and pushed me to a corner. He started punching me in the face until I fell down. Royette continued punching me even as I was lying on the floor."


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