Sunday, July 03, 2011

Conversation with God (Series) and the Sheriff

Dear insansapinas,

I woke up at 2 am. I had conversation with God.

GOD: What are you going to do if I will give you another lease of life?
ME: I will not eat skyflakes and cat food anymore (said matter-of-factly). 
GOD: I am asking you seriously, P. ?
ME: I will not make hakot for my audience to listen to my speech during the first year anniversary. (roll eyes).
GOD: P, behave, answer me.
ME: Okay, okay. I will not SOCK a sheriff, Duterte way. tehehehehe.

GOD: P...eto ang dollar, maghanap ka ng kausap. I am about to tell you the result of the MRI.
Pffffffffff. He is gone.
ME: Si God naman di mabiro. Wala yata siyang sense of humor ngayon.Must be because of the PAJERO bishops.Wooops.

Pushing the button, I, ME, I am great, I am the greatest, I got to talk about myself which I remember  when I saw Mayor Sarah Duterte gave the sheriff her "Manny Pacquaio " kamao.

But it was not a sheriff that I socked. It was a thief in Baclaran, I was on my way to work when I felt someone yanked my gold necklace from behind. MAGNANAKAW. No Virginia, I did not shout. I kept quiet but I followed the guy who did not even bother to run. 

When he was only a few inches away, I grabbed his shirt, and threw him at the middle of the road. You know in Baclaran, the road is not a road but a place of pedestrians who could not use the sidewalks because of the ambulant vendors.

May kasama pang sigaw yan. ARGHHHHHHH.

Naipasa na ang kwintas. But I saw the look in his eyes. FEAR. So sinimulan ko na siyang bugbugin. Talagang bugbog. Hawi ang tao. (Sabi ng mga friends ko, I was stupid in doing that. Paano kung sinaksak ako ng accomplice niya).

Daming tao naman. The police who came knew him to be a thief. Sabi niya, pagtalikod ko bugbugin mo pa total hindi mo na mababawi yong kwintas mo.

When I went home, my hands were swollen. Sakit din.

That's the problem with me, pag ako nagalit sa masamang tao, lumalaban. So my friends always reminded me to chill. Binubuhusan ako ng yelo.

Ano nga ba ang pinag-uusapan natin GOD? GOD, hellow.


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