Monday, July 18, 2011

Temporarily Blind

Dear insansapinas,

Early morning, Monday, I was already at the door of the office of my eye doctor. It was still closed. So I sat at the corner of the hallway as other patients started arriving. Since there is no bench or chair, my brother gave me the smalll ice bucket to sit on. With my colored glasses, I just needed an empty can or a small shoe box so people can make " hagis" to me some bills or coins.hehehe Di ako lilimusan, mas maganda naman ang aking relo (ahem)pero hindi naman kasing expensive noong binili ng aking favorite star na sa kamahalan, parang nakapulupot sa kaniyang kamay ang isang bahay at lupa o isang SUV.

I walked in to the clinic--that means I have no appointment. Dito kasi kailangan may appointment ka bago ka nila pansinin.  Last Saturday ang appointment ko. I had my eyes dilated for glaucoma  testing . Every time I had a test, my eyes became red except for the first two tests, years ago. The first time, it happened, I thought I got a pink eye that I had contracted from a  previous patient of my optometrist. You know the machines being used touched eyes and other parts of the faces. The second time, I thought, it was stress--the medical assistant overdid the procedure.

That's why I dread this eye test but my primary doctor insisted on it because of my diabetes.And now, my doctor is not an optometrist; he is an opthalmologist.

Mas sophisticated ang machines. May mga photoop pa pa ng aking mata, front and back. May test pa kung saan hahabulin mo ang isang ilaw. Sus. 

But it happened again. Sunday, when I woke up, I can hardly opened my eyes.The venetian blinds in my window were up so the sunlight was not filtered. Para akong vampire na nasasaktan sa init ng araw, para akong vampire na pinakitaan ng Krus. Ahhhhhhhhhh  The worst was I can only see shadows when I opened my eyes. Every time I tried to open my eyelids, they hurt.  I got runny nose that together with the tears from my eyes they're like the  NIAGARA FALLS.

It was easy going to the bathroom because it's close to my room. But I could not eat that I slept whole day. Balak ko pa namang ulam ay tilapiya. Eh maraming tinik yon.  When I woke up, I felt dehydrated. I need one drum of water to meet my water requirements for the day. 

The eyes were red, the lids were swollen and they hurt. No, I do not have glaucoma. I was cleared of that.

So when I met my doctor, he said that it was not an allergic  reaction to the eye drop for dilating the eyes, It is not even a  pink eye. He said it is related to my joints ???????. He said there was a pressure which he did not know where it is coming from. He is going to look at it because it is serious.

But he prescribed me an eye drop that I will be using every hour. Kalalagay ko lang and an ointment before I retire during the night.

My vision is still blurred but I could already read and blog. 
But I can't watch TV.Arghhhh and I can't read books. Double arghhhh


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