Monday, July 04, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial: Casey, Caylee, Chloroform, Crime Part 2

Dear insansapinas,

The Casey Anthony trial was concluded with the prosecutors' last closing arguments. Yesterday, the four-hour argument delivered by the defense was merely to confuse the jurors. Several conclusions were made which needed rebuttal from the prosecutors. The defense lawyers were ready to file a motion of mistrial for every chance they could get during short recesses. Their theory of the dyfunctional family where the father was accused of sexually abusing Casey and the brother fathering Caylee did not fly. The judge prevented the defense from mentioning those alleged abuses to explain Casey's behavior during the days when her daughter was missing. There were no enough evidence.

I was also confused when the judge called for a break last night leaving the viewers not quite sure what ws really the cause of death of Caylee. The defense askd the jury to ignore the evidence examined by the forensic scientists of the FBI.  But the prosecutor spelled it out in his early argument--the killer used chloroform and duct tape to suffocate the child.

The accidental drowning is not acceptable since no person  in her proper mind would stage an accidental death as murder. The natural reaction of a mother whose child died of accidental drowning is grief and the hope that she can still save the baby would make her call 9-1-1. The lady prosecutor said that for a good mom that the defense has been portraying Casey, she questioned the lies she's been telling her family and friends about her missing daughter---that she was abducted by the imaginary nanny--that she was in Universal Studios when all the while the girl was decomposing in the area near her parent's home.

The prosecutor explained how the motive of eliminating Caylee makes the murder a premeditated first degree murder. Casey was a minor when she became a mother. Her lifestyle was restricted since her mother would make her become a responsible mother instead of leaving the child with her during her day off. 

The duct taping was also considered aggravated child abuse and because it led to the death of Caylee. According to the judge and the presecutors, it falls under felony murder. The defense objected to it but was overruled. The prosecutor averred that he was just reading the definition; short to saying he did not make it up. hehehe.

Even if the jury ruled that drowning is the cause of death, she is still liable to the crime because as a parent and or caregiver, she was negligent of her daughter which caused her death.

I did not like her poker-face. If looks could kill, the prosecutors have long been buried since the start of the trial.

I hope the jury will find her guilty as charged.


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