Friday, July 15, 2011

Casey Anthony after the verdict- Will she become a millionaire?

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Books and movies were planned for Casey Anthony' story but they are on hold now for fear of immediate backlash by the producers and publishers because of people's outrage. Jerry Springer denied that he offered a million for the appearance of Casey and his parents in his show. He said that he would never touch her with a ten-foot pole. His producer however is determined to offer the same amount for the TV show that he started himself.

Even Hugh Hefner would not like to "reward" Casey Anthony with an offer in his Playboy Magazine.

source: CNN

But Casey Anthony has also admirers, mostly male. They sent her money which she used to buy cosmetics. 

Sympathetic admirers from as far away as Canada have been sending Anthony, 25, checks, which she uses to buy snacks and cosmetics, reports ABC News
As of Thursday, Anthony had earned $472.18 – almost $200 more than she had the day she received the verdict.

Other people affected by the Casey Anthony was a look-alike of Casey in Oklahoma who was assaulted by a man who called her baby-killer. Another one was a man with the same name who received death threats in his facebook account.

More than 60 per cent of the US households believed that Casey is guilty and her jury is stupid to miss the evidence. One picture in the protest showed Casey with a duct tape in her mouth. 


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