Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Dear insansapinas,

I was expecting that it will take a little longer to come up with a verdict but in less than 24 hours, the jury in the case of Casey Anthony rendered a NOT GUILTY verdict except for the lying to the authorities. People were outraged. The parents, Cindy and George Anthony went out of the courtroom, minutes after they heard the result. The defense lawyers were celebrating. Casey Anthony was smiling.

Is it a Stockholm syndrome or is it that the jury was too tired to stay longer for deliberation?

The death of Caylee Anthony did not have a closure. Her mother, Casey Anthony will be free and the little girl will just be a poor skeleton with duct tape in her mouth when she was found.

People were shocked. They could not believe what they just heard. The law firm of the defense will enjoy popularity. 

Interesting to note that only the lawyers were with Casey in her happiest moments. 

But like the O.J. Simpson case who was declared guilty and was spared from prison for killing his wife, after several years, he ended up in prison for  another charge. 

Weeks or months from now, this story will be fictionalized in the Law and Order, CSI Crriminal Minds which forensic procedures were used to process the evidence. I am sure that one thing they will focus on is the lack of DNA to connect or to put Casey Anthony in the scene of the crime. However, there were other evidence that only Casey Anthony could have done it. The wrapping of the body with the blanket, the hair of the Caylee with the DNA in it and the lying of Casey Anthony that her daughter was kidnaped. It is not the false information to the officers but it is the so many alibis that she concocted to avoid the mother from looking for her granddaughter. 

I hate that lady who was smiling from ear to ear as if the injustice given to the child and the saving of Casey from death penalty are two things to celebrate for. They could savor their victory but there should be no smiles just congratulatory remarks. Very insensitive.


But I know for a fact that even if it is the Supreme Court that  declared the innocence of a suspect or suspects, the guilt will forever etched in the conscience of the individual/s. 


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