Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Cluttered Desk, Cluttered Mind;Empty Desk, Empty Mind?

Dear insansapinas.
This was the desk of Albert Einstein who was famous for his quote:  "If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, Of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?".

photofrom the net

Debates between tidy and messy desks have been raging in the social network because of the photo of the president in his presidential desk that was released by Malacanan. With the kind of staff who did not anticipate its effect to the president's image, who needs enemies? 

PNoy in hot water over unflattering photo

For a president who has a lot of aides to take care of the paperwork and documents, he can choose to ask for the file one at a time during his perusal. In fact,  files  especially which are confidential should not be lying around the desks where they can easily be accessed and copied.

For a very powerful and busy man, all he has to do is make his aide or chief of staff give him a rundown of  issues that are in the voluminous docs. IF that is his work ethic. We've been used to the two past hands-on presidents who liked to keep themselves updated with the current situations/events/problems by waking up early and catching the early proverbial worms by reading. Pasalamat nga yang mga worms na yan. Wala nang humuhuli sa kanila. 

So those who argued  about cluttered desks may have a point. So were also those  who think that empty desk may not necessarily indicate laziness.  Empty mind? Ask Einstein.

I just could not see if there is a paperweight. The only thing I see to prevent a paper from flying was the pack of cigarette. See, the cigarette has a purpose. IF there is no paper weight,  someone in the staff should go to an office store to buy even a cheap paper weight. These are not the kinds of gifts received by the President. Me, as ordinary workhorse received at least a dozen of them during Christmas and  birthdays that I was afraid my whole desk would collapse because of so much weights. 

I admit, I had cluttered desks when I was still pulling that metal chains of slavery in the corporate world up the ladder.  Did I suspect that I have a cluttered mind? Nope. I can remember a single file wherever it is in my desk--whether it is  used to cover a piece of muffin or to hide a newly-bought magazine that I would like to read in between cluck, cluck and ding ding of my computer.

An avalanche of the folders was not necessary to obscure me from my office mates who were also busy with their personal businesses. Behind those mountains of files, my boss was busy looking for cheap jewelries in the e-bay while my subordinate was busy monitoring the stock market.

The director whose files overflowed to her carpeted office (not because she had a lot of things to do but because she did not know what to do) even e-mailed the girls whenever she saw a discount coupon available on line. tejejeje.


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