Monday, May 23, 2011

You are Poor Therefore you are of no quality- Fidel Ramos

Dear insansapinas,

I am watching the Criminal Minds where the unsub (suspect) is highly intelligent person with narcissistic personality disorder. He was supposed to be a scion of an old wealthy family. But the disorder runs in the family. Do you consider him high quality person?

After reading this article "The Poor are No Quality People" supposed to have been uttered by the former President of the Philippines, I thought I was brought back during the Nazi times when only the beautiful people (blonde hair, blue eyes should be allowed to propagate). Does he equate social status with quality? Paano naman yong mga anak ng mayayaman na mga criminal at kaya lang nakakalabas ay dahil sa pera ng pamilya? 

My father-in-law who was a German-Russian descent would have probably said, Isn't that awful?

If Hitler's standard was based on the physical (whites, blonde and blue), it seems to  Ramos, yardstick of quality is the income bracket. Pag ikaw ay mahirap, scavenger, dope pushers; you are low quality.

I know of a personality of having been accused of dope pushing and yet he comes from a powerful and rich clan. Will the smugglers, carnappers, cheats who live in Ayala Alabang quality people? Will the rich storeowners financing the pirated DVDs, CDs and other electronic products, high quality people because they earn millions. They do not beg; they do not steal hundreds but deprive the economy of millions of revenues that were supposed to be used for government programs. The police who protect them are also high quality people? 

Are those corrupt government executives in all agencies who have finished their academic degrees in foreign countries high quality people? Does the money in the bank equate with the quality?

So why are there scavengers and poor people in the cities. The politicians brought them every election period, The white collar leaders of syndicates profit from them. The Lina Law protected not the poor but the syndicates managing these colonies of squatters i.e. providing them with power, waters and high calibre lobbyists cum lawyers. Which of the groups are low quality that can be dispensed with?

As I have said, the population growth rate includes migrants to and from a place. Why is Metro Manila crowded with people coming from the South and the boondocks?

Because, the military can not protect them from the insurgents who also tax them for protection.

These people who hop from airconditioned luxury cars to their airconditioned offices would be forced to slip on their jumpsuits or roll their sleeves  to clean their poso negros if there are no poor people whose mental acuity could give them competition in the white collar jobs.  

Will the rich people dirty their hands to take care of their garbage? to repair their cars? to drive for them? to cook for them? There are even people/ bloggers who confess that they would not eat side by side with their maids. Sus.

What about the pandhandlers in the street? Even in the first world economy, there are beggars, homeless and society rejects. Some of them go to the streets not because they are of low mentality. In our non-profit organization alone, there are homeless who were former executives who had made wrong decisions in life. They queued in our soup kitchen, day in and day out. One of them was a person whose life was made into a movie Pursuit of Happiness starring Will Smith and his son.

In the domestic front, two movie actresses have already been in the gossip columns that they were seen in the streets mumbling incoherent words which definitely were not part of the scripts. One became a councilor and the other was an award winning actress. They were not on drugs. They were just depressed. Compare them with celebrities who are in the basement of a hospital because of substance abuse, who are high and who are low quality? 

The beggars in the streets is a multi-million undeground economy. Don't they realize that? It is an organized crime run by people who are clean, law abiding citizens in their other lives in the society.

Ang how is the former President sure that the two children of a couple would become good and productive citizens? Kaya nga ang sinabi ko sa isang blog, Poor kayo, wala kayong karapatang magpakadami?

Besides, you really never know if those beggars that you gave a peso or two are really beggars. They may be on covert operations looking for a terrorist with whiskers and cat's ears. bwahahaha. Nang teterrorize ng daga.

Sayang, Fidel Ramos is one of those officials I admire for his work ethics.Sana naman, hindi totoo yong gusto niyang gawing factory ang Pilipinas Kay Gandah ko. 


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lechon said...

these people should attend re-education classes for public speaking in current times, meaning that one major point in the class is diversity/ sensitivity training, im sure they can afford such seminars from all the money they have taken from the kaban ng bayan