Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Liver Transplant

Dear insansapinas,

I have just finished watching The Good Wife, a TV series which is about the stay-at-home-wife-lawyer who went back to lawyering when she caught  her husband, the elected US District Attorney with mistresses.

But the story is more on case handled by the law firm where the Good Wife is a partner.  It is very informative series that I thought, I might become a good lawyer when I grow up. theeheheh.

The story today is close to home. It is about a young mother who has a liver cancer and has been waiting for two years to have a liver transplant, only to find out that she was stricken from the list where she is already in the top list. She sued the hospital. The next patient who is due for liver transplant is a CEO of an internet company. (Parang inspired ni Steve Jobs na nagkaroon ng liver transplant, noh?) The donor is a brain dead patient whose family does not want him remove from respirator until the brother comes back from Iraq.

In the deliberation which was conducted in the hospital room, the patient has only three weeks to live. 
The defense of the hospital is that the rate of survival of the patient is very low inasmuch as her cancer is already in a very advanced stage.

Some points brought out  by the prosecutors are:
1. The CEO Internet was given priority because he donated a large sum of money to the hospital.
2. The patient was subjected to a lot of unnecessary CT scans by the doctor.
3. The patient was discriminated because of her social status. She was tattoos and her past lifestyle contributed to her illness--booze and drugs.

The ending of the story showed that she was being wheeled out from the hospital room and there were only three hours left for her to get the operation.

The subplot was that of her lady lawyer who was fired out by the law firm (not the good wife) because she is pregnant. She threatened her law firm for class suit action from pregnant women. She was hired back with additional benefits.

Last Sunday, the Hawaii Five O deals also with the dilemma of one Hawaii Five agent. His uncle, formerly a cop would like to come forward to admit that he was the one who stole the money from the evidence room to buy a liver from the black market. He paid for it for more than 100,000 dollars. It was the Five O agent who was suspected to have gotten the money and because of this, he resigned from the police.

Noe you know why I rejected the option of liver transplant? 


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